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Earnest is a data platform focused on improving the way people share and connect with their information. Earnest is building products that help people understand trends in the consumer economy.  We believe the fundamental role of banks and lenders is to help people realize their hopes and dreams. But we realized the financial system had forgotten this primary purpose, instead serving to enrich a privileged few. So we started Earnest to restore the trust that is sorely missing from the current system, and to build a modern financial institution that actually delivers on making clients’ lives better. Whatever your ambition, we help get you there. We do low-cost lending to financially responsible people, and allow them to customize their repayment plan to fit their needs. We want to help our clients take control of their finances and realize their dreams—and in doing so create a relationship with them that lasts a lifetime.  To learn more about the company, visit www.earnest.com.

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